Company profile

About us:

MOTOCRAFT Enterprise CO., LTD., is a high technological Taiwan company.
Since 1993, business range for switching power supply, communication computer, consumers instrument, UPS and equipment ……etc..
The scale of business enlargement and the staff's unity help Motocraft earn the assistance and assurance from the world-class partners.
Our customers are spread through around the world, including: Denmark, India, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mid-East, Malaysia, Mainland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Slovenija, Thailand, Taiwan, U.S.A…..etc.

What do we do it?

We are major in Coils, Transformers and processing.
In 2008, Motocraft other established the China factory in Shenzhen and Hunan, for the sake of customers’ demands and the more profit.
In 2019, we additional production base in Yuanjiang Hunan.
In Taiwan, we keep R&D and small production line for customers’ urgent order or pilot run, we also design and build custom magnetics to meet your precise requirements.
Under the leadership of C.E.O, the company shall be developing and strengthening dramatically. Based on lower cost, good quality, best service and credit, Motocraft believes that we can offer our customers more business and profit.

Why choose Motocraft?

  •  Over 30 years in business
  •  Over 30 years of experience in sales and after-sales service around the world
  •  Development and technical exchange with customers
  •  ISO 9001 certified
  •  Specialist design and make Coils and Transformers
  •  Widest product range over 1,000 different coils and transformers
  •  Competitive pricing and best quality
  •  Fast quotes & samples
  •  Worldwide sales and logistic service
  •  Technical support for development
  •  Technical support for approval process