Over 30 years experience in design and business

Coils & Transformers Transformer/Common mode choke/SMD Power choke/Multilayer Inductor /Varistor

Our mission

The best quality, the fastest delivery time, to meet customers requirements, widely used in power conversion, suppression of noise, step-up and step-down, isolation, energy storage, sensing-circuits…etc.


ABOUT Motocraft


Motocraft Enterprise Company Limited.

MOTOCRAFT Enterprise CO., LTD., is a high technological Taiwan company. Motocraft is major in Coils, Transformers and processing.

Since 1993, business range for switching power supply, communication Computer, consumers Instrument, UPS and equipment

Motocraft earn the assistance and assurance from the world-class partners. Our customers are spread through around the world, Including:U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Mid-East, Switzerland, Northern Europe, Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan

In 2002, Motocraft other established the China factory in Donguan, For the sake of customer's demands and the more profit.

In Taiwan, We keep R&D and small production line for customer's urgent order or pilot run.