ABOUT Motocraft


Motocraft Enterprise Company Limited.

Motocraft is headquartered in Tu-Cheng District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.  Founded in 1993 that specializes in the production, design, manufacturing and customization of magnetic components as well as high-frequency transformers and coils (including chip inductors, varistors and chokes, etc.).  Furthermore, we have more than 3 decades of professional experiences with R&D.  Our missions are also all designed to reach customer demands or specific requirements.  Motocraft has been owning experiences in sales and after-sales service all over the world, in addition, acquiring ISO 9001 certified in 2015.

What have we been doing?
We are a company specializing in R&D and production of high-frequency coils and transformers.
Motocraft’s growth history:
Founded in Tu-Cheng, Taiwan in 1993, it mainly produces coils, transformers and sells 100% of them domestically to the telephone company AT&T.
In 1996, Increased export business
In 2001, production bases were established in Shenzhen, Yiyang, and Yanling, Hunan of China.
In 2005, additional production bases were established:
Hengyang Factory in Hunan;Yuanjiang First Factory, Yuanjiang Second Factory;Nanning Factory in Guangxi.
In 2017, two factories of Yuanjiang fully transformed into automated production.
In 2018, new production base built in Shenzhen.

It also has an R&D center in Tu-Cheng, Taiwan as well as cooperates with customers to jointly develop new products.
Under the leadership of C.E.O. Mr. Sandy Tsai, the company is going to grow rapidly for achieving the tasks delivered by customers with excellent quality and proficient services.